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24th Jan 2012 | by: robsteed

First of all, apologies for the massive gap since my last blog.  I’ve been very busy.

I was prompted to write something after receiving my copy of the excellent Springboard Magazine from UKTI.  This quarter’s edition features a long article on the education & skills sector (which L&D and Training are included in by UKTI).  The basic story is the same one that I’ve been banging on about for the last 10 years, namely that there are massive opportunities, and a lot of help available for UK companies who wish to grow internationally.

Richard Parry, head of UKTI’s education and skills team quotes “The UK is the global leader in developing partnerships between education and business to match the skills that industry needs…..”

This is also my experience.  I have been present at, and delivered sessions personally, around the world on a range of subjects.  Just by putting the words “from the UK” (or USA) we seemed to attract a much bigger audience than when our local expert presented alone.  I’m sure this isn’t justified, but it is effective and UK companies should make the most of this opportunity.

There is a case study in Springboard of a small family-run consultancy called Righttrack Consultancy, who recently won a project with a Kuwaiti firm.  They claim that 30-50% of their turnover is now generated outside the UK.  Their website now has them billed as ‘International specialists’.  I don’t know their business at all, but it sounds very similar to hundreds of other similar-sized conusltancy and training companies across the UK – the difference being that they’ve started taking advantage of their international opportunities, whilst so many still haven’t.  Their MD was awarded an OBE for their export work.

I’m just about to start work with another small consultancy that has been asked to deliver in 5 lanaguages that they don’t currently offer.  Assuming I can find the people they need (and I’ve never failed before) they will be able to deliver a piece of work that will almost double their turnover this year.

These are just 2 examples of ways to make the most of the UK part of your address in this sector, and there are many other opportunities and approaches.

Apparently the industry is already worth £14bn annually, so what are you waiting for?

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