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17th Feb 2011 | by: robsteed

I’m not on Facebook. Apart from the obvious grandparents and toddlers I only know of 3 other people who aren’t on it. I’m a big fan of social media generally, I use Linked In, Twitter and anything else I can find of interest! For some reason I’ve always disliked Facebook, but recently I’ve had a couple of ‘incidents’ that have made me thing about joining. FOR So, these 2 incidents. Firstly I managed to get in touch with my best friend from school (via a friend who is on Facebook), which was nice. Secondly someone I used to work with sent me some pictures of their wedding that I couldn’t access easily. In addition to these incidents I think (sometimes) that I might as well join, what harm can it do? AGAINST I’ve always thought Facebook was a bit of a “who’s got the most friends” competition. On Linked In and Twitter, etc. I think it’s perfectly acceptable to link with all sorts of random people, but on Facebook they should be real friends. It seems that’s rarely the case. My wife has had “friend requests” from people she’s met once 20 years ago. Somehow this reduces people’s friendships into something less than they should be. People make “friends” with people they’re not really friends with. This bothers me as it trivialises friendships. Over the last year 3 other Facebook-stayaway friends of mine have signed up. For now I’m going to try and abstain a bit longer. If urgent I can always use my wife’s account!

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