Specialist Recruitment and Consultancy


  Working with Rob, has had straight forward results.  Compared with our previous approach, our relationship with Rob has yielded nearly a 50% cost savings. Thanks to Rob, we have a stronger team and an on-going strategic conversation about our needs with a professional that understands them.
Stephen Brown, Polarisoft
  Rob manages all of our recruitment – from regular intakes of telephone sales executives through to more specialist and senior positions. Rob originates recruitment advertising campaigns, implements focused executive searches, represents the company at recruitment fairs, and handles the entire candidate screening, interviewing and induction process. Since his arrival we have increased application numbers, improved quality and reduced costs, allowing us to grow our business at the rate we need to, by filling positions as they become available. I certainly recommend Rob to any organisation that needs to find quality people fast!
Simon Goodlad, Nexus Partnerships
  Sick of bog-standard recruiters charging you three months salary for your new talent?   Look no further than the wonderful Rob Steed who runs a fixed fee service.  Rob helped us find a crucial new person. Rob offers a personal, supportive and honest service that is the opposite of what this rather awful industry tends to serve up.   If you want the right person, get Rob to get them for you
Craig Dearden-Phillips MBE, Stepping Out
  We work with Rob to supplement our in-house capability on non-typical recruitment projects such as finding international partners, freelancers and associates.  Rob has always provided us with the people we need, within the timeframe we need them and at a fraction of the cost of a typical recruitment consultancy and has a fantastic can do attitude.  We highly recommended Rob.
Nicky Pharoah, TLC
  Its been a positive experience, you’re combining a solid recruitment approach with modern tools in an effective way. Have been particularly happy with your communications with applicants (not something many people do well!).
Twan Vollebregt, Energy Fundamentals
Rob is great to work with. He takes a pragmatic and common sense approach to recruitment. We were looking to boost our search for new account managers and Rob was able to do this quickly and efficiently. His turnaround was fast and his fees reasonable. Rob knows where to find suitable candidates and is honest about the effort required to do this, many times in the past I have paid expensive search fees and felt ripped off. Rob worked hard on following up on a regular basis, checking candidate progress and offering to communicate directly with them. I am delighted with the support Rob has given our business, he has provided a much needed service at this time of growth
Paul Neville, Coach in a Box
 Bit of a shotgun wedding, but seems to have worked pretty well. For me it was a joy to have someone else to plug the ad into the (desired) electronic outlets; do initial sifting and also the thanks but no thanks bit, which can be fairly tedious. Price was affordable. With more time I’m sure you’d have been able to come up with more potential candidates via your contacts, but in the time we had, it worked well. I’m rather maxed out on all fronts, so the key was to make the whole thing as simple yet proactive as possible. You achieved that.

So… thank you.

Bryan Pearson, FSG Communications
  Like a lot of small businesses, we know it’s crucial to spend time finding the right staff, but that the process can eat up a lot of time. There’s no HR department to delegate it to! Rob advised us on the best boards for our vacancy, which meant we had the right pool of candidates from the outset, thus reducing the time and cost of the process.
Sue Keogh, Sookio
  During his time at Consulting Tools Ltd. Rob was instrumental in sourcing, creating and sustaining effective global relationships with our business partners around the world. He possesses excellent people skills, and was an extremely effective ambassador for the Consulting Tools brand. He has many innovative marketing ideas and is committed to providing an excellent outcome to clients, colleagues and other stakeholders.
John Dutton, ConsultingTools
  Rob’s greatest strength is in quickly ascertaining a client’s need and gently nudging them to improved outcomes without ever making them feel “broken”. His first impression of being easy-going is quickly lost after hearing his sharp insights and seeing his ability to “get cracking”. Highly recommended
Jason de Luca, The Gap Partnership
  I worked with Rob at the time he was International Manager at The Gap Partnership. Rob’s understanding of different cultures, excellent communication and people skills played very important role in building successful international partners network for The Gap Partnership.
Paulius Lukauskas, The Gap Partnership
  Rob was terrific in providing support as our strategic business partner in the UK. He has always been very responsive and I’ve found Rob to be consistently customer focused. He understands how to think laterally and get things done.
Jim Graham, Felix Global
  I have cooperated with Rob over more than 8 years and have consistently experienced him as a thoughtful, creative, reliable, hard-working yet relaxed professional on top of his responsibilities and with a keen understanding of his team, colleagues and clients
Professor Michael Dickmann, Cranfield Uniersity
  I have known Rob for many years. I regard him as one of the most trusting business partners I have had the opportunity to work with. He has always provided the highest level of customer service, support and input to developing business. When Rob says he is going to do something he does. This means everything in the world of business. He is highly proactive and professional.
Jeff Benveniste, Global Edge
  I’ve worked with Rob for many years now. I think Rob is outstanding in his ability to establish and manage global relationships, often at considerable distance. Rob can drop into any culture and appear comfortable while showing genuine interest in the people around him. He is sincere, trustworthy and straightforward. He is an excellent travel companion whose incredible knowledge of music entertains during the hours spent at airports and in planes
Norman Buckley, Facet5