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20th Apr 2012 | by: robsteed

I’ve just returned from a 2-week holiday in Sri Lanka.  It was originally planned to be just a holiday, but as it turned out the lasting memory of the trip will be the visit to Masmulle School to deliver some stationery and other equipment that we fundraised for.

This all came about because of our friends Colin and Nicky at TLC.  They have a friendship with a local charity called UKFG which was set up after the 2004 tsunami, and now focusses on helping the poorer village schools in Southern Sri Lanka.  After we decided to visit Sri Lanka I was telling my family about UKFG and my son announced that he’d like to do something to help.  So after a sponsored walk, requests for donations and some personal donations we ended up taking 2 suitcases full of pencil cases, stationery and a pair of wireless microphones.  We also arranged for 2 computer chairs and a fan to be delivered locally.  This small gesture was nothing compared to the generosity of Colin, Nicky and the rest of the UKFG sponsors, but we were glad to have done something, and our visit to the school was incredibly enjoyable.

Our visit coincided with the Sri Lankan New Year, so we visited the school for their end of year sports day, which was attended by all the children of the village and their families.

I’m struggling to put into words how welcome we were made to feel, how lovely everyone we met was and how enjoyable the day was, so I’m hoping these pictures will do it for me.

After Colin and Nicky visited last year, Nicky said something that sums up the people we met.  It was something like “these people maybe financially poor, but they are rich is so many other ways”.  That’s so true!

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