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28th Apr 2011 | by: robsteed

I have been really busy recently with many of the tasks I have been determined to accomplish through becoming self-employed.

The Global Edge project is progressing really well.  I’ve moved the website to a new wordpress platform and added some nice features such as a twitter feed, news section and quick polls.  Other new websites I’ve been involved in are Nigel Evans and Nanna Mexico – more coming soon!

One of the things I promised myself I would do when working for myself was to spend a lot of time with my children.  I definitely achieved this over the Easter holidays; our bikes are creating a channel all the way to our favourite park in a neighbouring village!

The third area I decided to spend more time on is the local community.  I am standing as a candidate in the parish council elections next week, which I am looking forward to.  I am also pleased to have been asked to join the board of Cintra as a Non-Executive Director – my first such role, which I start in late May.

Finally, I’ve been trying to get fitter, so have been playing tennis once or twice a week (still rubbish), football every Friday (still rubbish at that too), cycling a few times a week (getting better at that), and walking further than ever with the dog (although the dog’s too old to keep up).

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