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11th Mar 2011 | by: robsteed

One of my contacts in Japan posted a note on Linked In that said “got to love social networks sites at times like these”, presumably in response to lots of people (including me) checking in that he’s OK.

I agree, but also recognise there is some danger too.

On the day of the Christchurch quake I sent a message to a friend in the city. I didn’t hear back until yesterday (over a week later), although I had heard via mutual contacts that all was well. My email was in his junk folder.

The benefit of social networks is the immediacy of them. The message today was posted within an hour of the quake. A few years ago we would expect to have to wait a while for news, but now we expect to now instantly.

Luckily I’m an optimist, but not sure I’d want to be a worrier and a social networker!

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