Specialist Recruitment and Consultancy

Non-typical recruitment

Non-Typical Recruitment

Ad-hoc or in-house consultancy support for unusual or challenging roles or scenarios.

People are not your most important asset. The RIGHT people are
Jim Collins

Ideally working in-house with clients, we find the right people for the job. And not just any job: our speciality lies in the non-standard roles or scenarios that most recruiters won’t take on. We ensure a full understanding of your business and industry network to guarantee the best results.

As well as bread-and-butter recruiting, we provide:

  • Self-employed associates or freelancers
  • Commission-only roles
  • Volume-recruitment
  • Graduate schemes
  • Employer branding
  • Contract projects
  • Worldwide resourcing
  • Flexible or part-time roles
  • Mutually beneficial business partnerships and introductions

Our remit is not limited to individuals; we also specialise in business partnerships, such as establishing overseas freelance or agency support, to help facilitate international expansion or relocation. These days, roles are often not location-specific and have variable requirements which can pose problems for formulaic recruitment processes. We work differently.