Specialist Recruitment and Consultancy

In-house Recruitment

In-house Recruitment

We work with you in-house to cover all your recruitment needs as part of your team.

The average price of using us for a one-off recruitment project is 30% of the cost of using a typical recruiter

The best place to recruit on behalf of your company is from within it. However, many expanding businesses lack the time and resource required. That’s where we can help.

The most effective way to recruit the right person or group resource is by developing a fully immersive understanding of your business. We therefore prefer to work as part of your in-house team on a regular or ad hoc basis. We can also work entirely freelance if that suits you best (find out more here).

Because we work in-house, we are not just ambassadors for your brand, we are your brand. Potential applicants are directly introduced without the distancing of third party advertising. Applicants want to know who they are applying to work with, making yours a more attractive proposition than a run-of-the-mill “our client is looking for…” approach. It’s honest and it helps to connect and engage with applicants much more effectively, also allowing them better chance for pre-application research and suitability assessment – so in short, you get a better, more relevant response from candidates who really want to be there.

Our service is thorough, frank and transparent. It is designed to attract the right candidates – not just the most. We do not put people forward unless we believe they are suitable for the role and we are driven by a genuine desire to find the right person for every job.

The right person may well be somebody internal, or an existing contact through your network. Most recruiters would discourage these people to avoid losing their fee – our approach means we always explore the best people for the role regardless of existing connections.  You won’t miss out on the right person because of a conflict of interest, so you’re more likely to end up with exactly who you’re looking for.

Our service can include:

  • Job descriptions and personal specifications
  • Advert content and placement
  • Headhunting
  • Social media strategy and implementation
  • Managing candidate responses
  • CV screening
  • Interview process, including psychometric testing and assessment centre facilitation
  • Job offers and negotiation

From critical wording and positioning to reaching exactly the right audience, no part of the process is left to cliché or habit. Every role is researched rigorously, every communication is crafted, and every candidate provided will be genuinely suitable for the role.

Finally, we recognise the importance of treating every candidate with respect and dignity. We all know that today’s applicant could be tomorrow’s customer, supplier, or future employee. Therefore, we acknowledge every application, handle rejections with discretion, diplomacy and constructive comment as appropriate, and make sure we keep in touch. This level of service is not a gimmick. It is symptomatic of our investment in people, and in our clients’ interests.