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27th Apr 2015 | by: robsteed

I like to work with companies long-term, so I can interpret and fulfil their recruitment needs in the best way for them. Working with Polarisoft for the last two years, I’ve recruited for roles ranging from Graduate Developers to Sales Director and many in between, so I asked MD Stephen Brown for a few thoughts on how it’s been for him, The following case study is what he sent….


Before working with Rob, our business struggled finding and assessing team members at a cost that made sense.

The Challenge

In technology it is extremely difficult to find good resources that not only have the skills, but also have the right personalities to face off to customers and culturally fit in your team.  Before working with Rob we worked with traditional recruiters.  We never felt that those recruiters were part of our team; they felt more like estate agents, just trying to get the transaction done.  In the end, we spent a lot to hire the wrong people.

Rob’s Solution

When we started working with Rob, great changes in our organisation started to happen.  Rob worked as an integral part of our team, not as a distant external supplier.   In the beginning, he worked hard to be sure he understood our roles and what was the most important motivators for hiring the right candidates.  He rewrote our job specifications to make them more fit for purpose.  At the same time, he worked with us to understand the long-term business vision to help us craft a hiring strategy over the long term, and not just fill immediate gaps.  As he helped us refine our hiring process over several hires we became better at assessing candidates, resulting in resources that are a better fit.


Working with Rob, has had straight forward results.  Compared with our previous approach, our relationship with Rob has yielded nearly 50% cost savings. Thanks to Rob, we have a stronger team and an on-going strategic conversation about our needs with a professional that understands them.

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