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30th Mar 2011 | by: robsteed

I decided to spend most of today watching the India vs Pakistan cricket world cup match. As well as reminding me how massive cricket is in India and Pakistan, it also made me think about perceptions of priority around the world.

For example, I wonder how many people in North or South America have any idea how important this cricket match is in the sub-continent. Indeed, I wonder how many people in other cricketing nations, such as the UK or Australia, understand the importance.

These 2 nations are fierce rivals. On an international level, cricket is really the only sport either excels at. Away from sport there are still disagreements over Kashmir, along with other economic and political disputes. This is the first cricket match between the 2 in India for 4 years. According to some newspapers, this is war!

Tickets for the game were at an absolute premium. There was one Pakistan fan pictured carrying a placard offering his kidney in return for a ticket.

To me, cricket is fun, enjoyable and  a great way to spend a day.  Nothing deeper!  I suspect the average Indian would have struggled to understand the hatred shown at England vs Scotland games of football in the past.

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