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4th Feb 2011 | by: robsteed

I am a little bit organised and had planned to post a short blog about my first official week of self employment. I was convinced it would feel very different, but here I am on Friday finishing things off and not sure I’ve got any great insights to add. I’ve had quite a varied week, (which was one of the aims) and got quite a lot done. I’ve ticked off a number of things from my list including; packing up my kit to send back to my old job, finalising the search for a Spanish trainer for Global Edge and getting the Global Edge newsletter written and sent (you can read it here if you like). I’ve also done some basic setup stuff for Global Edge, such as installing a new CRM system. I’ve helped Jo with a new website and some very boring data entry stuff because she’s particularly busy. My main aim of the week was to write to as many of my contacts I can telling them what I’m up to (and it was lovely to hear back from so many of them). So it’s been a pretty varied week, and lots achieved. Now, as it’s 5:05pm on a Friday I’m going to remind myself why I made this lifestyle change and turn my laptop off for the weekend.

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